[Answer] homologs

Answer: closely related genes
The meaning of homologue is something (such as a chemical compound or a chromosome) homologous.
homologue: [ hom´ŏ-log ] 1. any organ or part similar in origin or structure but not always in function as the arms of a human and the wings of a bird or the hands and feet of a human and the paws of a dog. 2. in chemistry one of a series of compounds distinguished by addition of a CH 2 group in successive members.
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Define Homologs . Homologs synonyms Homologs pronunciation Homologs translation English dictionary definition of Homologs . n. Variant of homolog. American Heritage …
Homology forms the basis of organization for comparative biology. A homologous trait is often called a homolog (also spelled homologue). In genetics the term “homolog” is used both to refer to a homologous protein and to the gene ( DNA sequence) encoding it.
In biology homology is similarity due to shared ancestry between a pair of structures or genes in different taxa.A common example of homologous structures is the forelimbs of vertebrates where the wings of bats and birds the arms of primates the front flippers of whales and the forelegs of four-legged vertebrates like dogs and crocodiles are all derived from the same ancestral tetrapod …
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[Answer] finished

Answer: low rate of typographical errors, some missing sections but everything has
been done to fill these sections best as possible
Scrabble Points: 15
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The meaning of finished is entirely done : brought to a completed state. How to use finished in a sentence.
Synonyms for FINISHED : complete completed concluded done down ended over over with; Antonyms for FINISHED : continuing incomplete ongoing uncompleted undone …
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finished : (Complete) adjective absolute choice classic complete completed concluded conclusive consummated defunct elegant ended entire …
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Finished definition ended or completed. See more. condemn…

[Answer] draft

Answer: general outline, has typographical errors, grammatical errors, sections
need rearranging
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Word Origin mid 16th century: phonetic spelling of draught.
Scrabble Points: 9
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draft : [noun] the act of drawing or pulling in a net. haul 2b.
Define draft . draft synonyms draft pronunciation draft translation English dictionary definition of draft . n. 1. A current of air in an enclosed area. 2. A device …
draft definition: 1. a piece of text a formal suggestion or a drawing in its original state often containing the…. Learn more.
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[Answer] ordered-clone sequencing

Answer: “map first, sequence later” You can rely on the physical map to orient the
clone sequences
ordered-clone sequencing
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In clone-by-clone sequencing the genome is broken up into large chunks 150 kilobases long (150 000 base pairs). The location of these chunks on the chromosomes is recorded (mapped) to help with assembling them in order after sequencing. The chunks are then inserted into Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs) and put inside bacterial cells to grow.
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Eventually a minimum set of smaller clones would be identified each of which was small enough to be sequenced (Figure \(\PageIndex{8}\)). Because the order of clones relative to the complete chromosome was known prior to sequencing the resulting sequence information could be easily assembled into one complete chromosome at the end of the project.
The clone-by-clone sequencing is nowadays not so popular in whole-genome sequencing. DNA sequencing technology can be the best option for cancer diagnosis and prediction of disease conditions in an earlier stage or before birth. Still the cost and the accuracy of the machine is a major limitation for entire genome sequencing.
Sequencing DNA means determining the order of the four chemical building blocks – called “bases” – that make up the DNA molecule. The sequence tells scientists the kind of genetic information that is carried in a particular DNA segment.
sequence of a BAC or certain regions of the clone might not achieve the full sho…

[Answer] shotgun library

Answer: – “sequence first, map later” sequence reads from clones randomly selected
from a whole-genome but you don’t know where these reads fall in the map.
shotgun library
Shotgun Library Construction apparatus also allows for buffer exchange between the two reservoirs; TEA does not have as high a buffering capacity as TBE and so the buffers in separated reservoirs can become polarized leading to the possibility of the gel melting. Low melting point agarose is
METAGENOMICS SHOTGUN SAMPLE LIBRARY PREPARATION & SEQUENCING DETAILED WORKFLOW OVERVIEW 1. Genomic DNA QC & Shearing – Input gDNA should be >15 kb as assessed by CHEF Mapper Femto Pulse or Pippin Pulse sizing QC – Shear gDNA to 10 kb –12 kb using a Megaruptor or g-TUBEs 2. SMRTbell Express Library Construction
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The process of extensive BAC library creation and tiling path selection however make hierarchical shotgun sequencing slow and labor-intensive. Now that the technology is available and the reliability of the data demonstrated [13] the speed and cost efficiency of whole-genome shotgun sequencing has made it the primary method for genome sequencing.
Shotgun sequencing is when a genomic library is constructed by ligating random genomic DNA fragments into a vector and then randomly sequencing these clones. The sequence data are then assembled into contigs using computers that determine …

[Answer] vibrant

Answer: vigorous and active
Word Origin early 17th century (in the sense ‘moving rapidly vibrating’): from Latin vibrant- ‘shaking to and fro’ from the verb vibrare (see vibrate).
Scrabble Points: 12
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The meaning of vibrant is pulsating with life vigor or activity. How to use vibrant in a sentence.
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[Answer] victuals

Answer: any substance that can be used as food
Word Origin Middle English: from Old French vitaille from late Latin victualia neuter plural of Latin victualis from victus ‘food’; related to vivere ‘to live’. The pronunciation still represents the early spelling vittel; later spelling has been influenced by the Latin form.
Scrabble Points: 12
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The meaning of victual is food usable by people. Did you know?
1 victuals – a stock or supply of foods. commissariat provisions viands provender. food nutrient – any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue. food cache – food in a secure or hidden storage place. larder – a supply of food especially for a household. 2. victuals – a source of materials to nourish …
victuals . c.1300 vitaylle (singular) from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. vitaille from L.L. victualia “provisions ” noun use of plural of victualis “of nourishment ” from victus “livelihood food sustenance ” from base of vivere “to live” (see vital). Spelling altered early 16c. to conform with Latin but pronunciation remains “vittles.”
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[Answer] soothsayer

Answer: someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of
special knowledge)
Word Origin Middle English (in the sense ‘person who speaks the truth’): see sooth.
Scrabble Points: 16
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soothsayer : [noun] a person who predicts the future by magical intuitive or more rational means : prognosticator.
Synonyms for SOOTHSAYER : augur diviner forecaster foreseer foreteller fortune-teller futurist prognosticator
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Define soothsayer . soothsayer synonyms soothsayer pronunciation soothsayer translation English dictionary definition of soothsayer . n. One who claims to be able to foretell events or predict the future; a seer.
Soothsayer definition a person who professes to foretell events. See more.
Soothsayer Psychic Readings. Breaking News. Donald Trump Will Be Around For Quite A While. Soothsayer Predicts the Winner of Presidential …

[Answer] fowl

Answer: any bird raised or hunted for food
Word Origin Old Englishfugol ‘bird’ of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vogel and German Vogel also to fly1.
Scrabble Points: 10
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fowl : [noun] a bird of any kind — compare waterfowl wildfowl.
Define fowl . fowl synonyms fowl pronunciation fowl translation English dictionary definition of fowl . a bird used for food or hunted as game; chicken turkey duck …
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Fowl are birds belonging to one of two biological orders namely the gamefowl or landfowl (Galliformes) and the waterfowl (Anseriformes).Anatomical and molecular similarities suggest these two groups are close evolutionary relatives; together they form the fowl clade which is scientifically known as Galloanserae (initially termed Galloanseri) (Latin gallus (“rooster”) + ānser (“goose”)).

[Answer] egalitarian

Answer: a person who believes in the equality of all people
Word Origin late 19th century: from French égalitaire from égal ‘equal’ from Latin aequalis (see equal).
Scrabble Points: 12
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egalitarian : [adjective] asserting promoting or marked by egalitarianism.
egalitarianism: [noun] a belief in human equality especially with respect to social political and economic affairs.
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Egalitarianism. First published Fri Aug 16 2002; substantive revision Wed Apr 24 2013. Egalitarianism is a trend of thought in political philosophy. An egalitarian favors equality of some sort: People should get the same or be treated the same or be treated as equals in some respect. An alternative view expands on this last-mentioned …
Egalitarian doctrines are generally characterized by the idea that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or moral status. Egalitarianism is the doctrine that all citizens of a state should be accorded exactly equal rights.
Egalitarian definition asserting resulting from or characterized by belief in the equality of all people especially in political economic or social life. See more.
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What is an egalitarian commitment to substantive distributive justice? In the most literal sense it requires equalizing the distribution of some quantifiable thing among persons such as income or wealth. An egalitarian may see distributive…