[Answer] With old age there is a decrease in ____ and ____ in most tissues.

Answer: Epithelial fibrous connective tissue and bone
With old age there is a decrease in ____ and ____ in most tissues.
Age -associated accumulation of DNA damage and decline in gene expression Further information: DNA damage (naturally occurring) In tissues composed of non- or infrequently replicating cells DNA damage can accumulate with age and lead either to loss of cells or in surviving cells loss of gene expression.
Degradation of functioning of the brain. Aging is a major risk factor for most common neurodegenerative diseases including mild cognitive impairment dementias including Alzheimer’s disease cerebrovascular disease Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease. While much research has focused on diseases of aging there are few informative studies on the molecular biology of the aging brain (usually spelled …
Atrophy is reduction in size of cell organ or tissue after attaining its normal mature growth. In contrast hypoplasia is the reduction in size of a cell organ or tissue that has not attained normal maturity. Atrophy is the general physiological process of reabsorption …

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