[Answer] • Why does Hamlet refrain from killing Claudius when he has the opportunity to?

Answer: claudius is praying
• Why does Hamlet refrain from killing Claudius when he has the opportunity to?

Hamlet struggles to turn his desire for revenge into action and spends a large portion of the play waiting rather than doing. Scholars have proposed numerous theories as to why he waits so long to kill Claudius. Some say that Hamlet feels for his victim fearing to strike because he believes that if he kills Claudius he will be no better than him.

Prince Hamlet is the title role and protagonist of William Shakespeare’s c. 1600 tragedy Hamlet . He is the Prince of Denmark nephew to the usurping Claudius and son of King Hamlet the previous king of Denmark.At the beginning of the play he struggles with whether and how to avenge the murder of his father and struggles with his own sanity along the way.

Ophélie leaves the garden and King Claudius enters. Gertrude suspects that Hamlet now knows about the murder of his father but Claudius says he does not. Hamlet enters and feigns madness. He rejects all overtures of friendship from Claudius then announces he has engaged a troupe of actors to perform a play that evening.

The phrase occurs in Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4 as a part of one of Hamlet s speeches in the Closet Scene. Hamlet has been acting mad to throw off suspicion that he is aware that his uncle Claudius has murdered his father and married his mother Queen Gertrude in order to usurp the throne.In the Closet Scene Polonius at Claudius behest has hidden himself behind an arra…

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