[Answer] Why do we have email etiquette?

Answer: It is polite and because your correspondance says a lot about you. You
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Why do we have email etiquette?
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We must follow email etiquette in our professional communication because it is a form of communication which is a reflection of both the sender and the receiver.
Email is a fast efficient and convenient method of communicating between individuals and businesses. When writing to a friend you may want to skip the introductions and be more carefree about the grammar in the body; however formal email etiquette is essential when contacting the human resources manager of the firm you are applying for. In this oneHOWTO article we explain why email etiquette is important.
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These are three reasons why you need email etiquette · Avoid confusion poorly worded emails can lead to misinterpretation or mistake · Efficiency: emails that get to the point are much more effective than long emails. · Professionalism: by using proper email language you will convey a professional image
Email etiquette is about respect and common sense. The same respect and professionalism you expect others to show to you is also crucial when writing your own communications.
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