[Answer] Why are capsules important?

Answer: They’re a major virulence factor, but poorly antigenic. They promote
adherence to cell surfaces and to other bacteria
Why are capsules important?
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Importance of Bacterial Capsule Virulence determinants. Capsules are anti-phagocytic. They limit the ability of phagocytes to engulf the bacteria. The… Saving engulfed bacteria from the action of neutrophil. Bacterial capsule prevents the direct access of lysosome… Prevention of …
Capsules – Similar to tablets capsules can also be stored for long and are easy to take. Capsules contain fewer excipients than do tablets and are usually used for oil-soluble vitamins. Soft gels – These are similar to capsules and are generally easier to swallow than normal capsules. Like capsules and tablets these are also processed through the digestive system so they are slower acting than their liquid and powder counterparts.
More and more research is going into fish capsules and the benefits they can have on your health. The reason there is ongoing research being carried out is because there have been so many areas that have been found to benefit from taking thes…

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