[Answer] Who was Captain Beatty?

Answer: He was Montag’s boss at work
Who was Captain Beatty?

Robert Beatty – Wikipedia

Robert Beatty – Wikipedia

David Beatty 1st Earl Beatty – Wikipedia

Sir Edward Wentworth Beatty GBE KC (October 16 1877 – March 23 1943) was the first Canadian -born president of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1918–1943). He …

Captain Stephen Halden Beattie VC (29 March 1908 – 20 April 1975) was a Welsh recipient of the Victoria Cross the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in …

In May 1902 he was passed fit for sea duty and was appointed captain of the cruiser HMS Juno on 2 June spending two months in exercises with the Channel Fleet under Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson before joining the Mediterranean Fleet. Beatty worked hard to raise efficiency so that she was highly rated in gunnery and other competitions by the time he left the ship 19 December 1902. Ethel decided not to be left behind so rented the Capua Palace on Malta h…

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