[Answer] Who explored North America and the Arctic?

Answer: Henry Hudson
Who explored North America and the Arctic?

Arctic exploration is the physical exploration of the Arctic region of the Earth.It refers to the historical period during which mankind has explored the region north of the Arctic Circle.Historical records suggest that humankind have explored the northern extremes since 325 BC when the ancient Greek sailor Pytheas reached a frozen sea while attempting to find a source of the metal tin.

Arctic expeditions 1818: First Arctic expedition. In 1818 Ross received the command of an Arctic expedition organised by the British Admiralty the first of a new series of attempts to solve the question of a Northwest Passage. This entailed going around the extreme northeast coast of America and sailing to the Bering Strait. He was also to …

Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto (known in English as John Cabot) is credited with the discovery of continental North America on June 24 1497 under the commission of Henry VII of England. Though the exact location of his discovery remains disputed the Canadian and United Kingdom governments’ official position is that he landed on the island of Newfoundland.

List of Arctic expeditions – Wikipedia

Arctic exploration – Wikipedia

This list is for recognised pioneering explorers of the polar regions.It does not include subsequent travelers and expeditions. Polar explorers

This list of Arctic expeditions is a timeline of historic Arctic exploration and explorers of the Arctic 15th century. 1472: Didrik Pining and Hans Pothorst mark the first … Italian North Pole expedition le…

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