[Answer] • Who does the ghost of Hamlet’s father say killed him?

Answer: claudius
• Who does the ghost of Hamlet’s father say killed him?

Horatio is a character in William Shakespeare ‘s tragedy Hamlet. He was present on the field when King Hamlet (Hamlet’s father) defeated Fortinbras (the king of Norway) and he has travelled to court from Wittenberg University (where he was familiar with Prince Hamlet) for the funeral of King Hamlet.

Hebenon is the agent of death in Hamlet’s father’s murder; it sets in motion the events of the play. It is spelled hebona in the Quartos and hebenon in the Folios. This is the only mention of hebona or hebenon in any of Shakespeare’s plays. Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole

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Ghost of Hamlet’s Father He tells the young Hamlet that he was poisoned and murdered by his brother Claudius the new King of Denmark and asks the prince to avenge his death. He also expresses disgust at his wife Gertrude for marrying Claudius but warns Hamlet not …

Hamlet s Father is a 2008 novella by Orson Scott Card which retells the story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in modernist prose and which makes several changes to the characters’ motivations and backstory. It has drawn substantial criticism for its portrayal of King Hamlet as a pedophile who molested Laertes Horatio and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and implication that this in turn made them …

The story is a retelling of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and thus an example of … The Dead Fathers Club follows the character of 11-year-old Phillip as he is visited by his father Brian’s ghost . His father states that he was murdered by his brother Alan and that Phillip must avenge his m…

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