[Answer] Who colonized Sudan?

Answer: Great Britain
Who colonized Sudan?

In 1820–21 an Ottoman force conquered and unified the northern portion of the country. The new government was known as the Turkiyah or Turkish regime. They were looking to open new markets and sources of natural resources. Historically the pestilential swamps of the Sudd discouraged expansion into the deeper south of the country. Although Egypt claimed all of the present Sudan during most of the 19th century and established a province Equatoriain southern Sudan to further this aim it was unable to est…

The history of South Sudan comprises the history of the territory of present-day South Sudan and the peoples inhabiting the region. South Sudan seceded from the Republic of Sudan in 2011. Geographically South Sudan is not part of the Sudan region at all (the Sahel) forming as it does part of Sub-Saharan Africa. In modern terminology it does however include parts of the East Sudanian Savanna. Its inclusion in “Sudan” is due to the south…

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Between the 14th and 15th centuries much of Sudan was settled by Arab nomads. From the 16th–19th centuries central and eastern Sudan were dominated by the Funj sultanate while Darfur ruled the west and the Ottomans the far north.

Turkish Sudan also known as Turkiyya (Arabic: التركية ‎ at-Turkiyyah) describes the rule of the Eyalet and later Khedivate of Egypt over what is now Sudan and South Sudan. It lasted from 1820 when Muhammad Ali Pasha started his conquest of Sudan to the fall of Khartoum in 1885 to Muhammad Ahmad the self-proclaimed Mahdi

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