[Answer] while there is life, there is hope

Answer: inochigoi o suru (命乞いをする)
while there is life there is hope
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Also where there’s life there’s hope. So long as someone or something ailing is alive there is hope for recovery. For example The company has survived previous recessions; while there’s life there’s hope. A statement made about dying individuals since ancient times it was cited in numerous proverb collections from 1539 on.
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The Quest for Hope. “Where there’s life there’s hope” is a deep truth. Deeper however is the converse: “Where there’s hope there’s life.”. We humans are hoping creatures; we live very largely on and in our anticipations things we know are coming and we look forward to. If the light of hope goes out life shrinks to mere existence something far less than life was meant to be.
While There’s Life There’s Hope. “However bad life…

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