[Answer] Which statement is true for both plants and animals?

Answer: Plants and animals both break a phosphate bond of ATP to release energy.
Which statement is true for both plants and animals?

In 1839 Theodor Schwann states that along with plants animals are composed of cells or the product of cells in their structures. This was a major advancement in the field of biology since little was known about animal structure up to this point compared to plants.

Much like the vegetable lamb the watersheep was believed to be both plant and animal and tales of its existence placed it near Persia. It was connected to the ground by a stem and if the stem were severed it would die. The animal was protected from aggressors by an enclosure built around it and by armored men yelling and beating drums.

Career. Plants and Animals self-titled EP was released in 2003 via Ships at Night Records. In the fall of 2007 Plants and Animals released the four-song with/avec EP.. Their full-length debut Parc Avenue was released on February 26 2008 in Canada and on March 25 2008 in the United States. The album was recorded entirely on analogue tape and features string parts by Sarah Neufeld of Arcade…

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