[Answer] Which statement BEST describes how the body moves?

Answer: A.Skeletal muscles which are made of fibers nerves and blood vessels contract in order to make the body move.
Which statement BEST describes how the body moves?

Motion the process of movement is described using specific anatomical terms. Motion includes movement of organs joints limbs and specific sections of the body. The terminology used describes this motion according to its direction relative to the anatomical position of the joints. Anatomists use a unified set of terms to describe most of the movements although other more specialized terms are necessary for describing the uniqueness of the movements …

The list below describes such skeletal movements as normally are possible in particular joints of the human body . Other animals have different degrees of movement at their respective joints; this is because of differences in positions of muscles and because structures peculiar to the bodies of humans and other species block motions unsuited to their anatomies.

The motion of a body is observed by attaching a frame of reference to an observer and measuring the change in position of the body relative to that frame with change in time. The branch of physics describing the motion of objects without reference to its cause is kinematics; the branch studying forces and their effect on motion is dynamics.

Chemotaxis (from chemo- + taxis) is the movement of an organism in response to a chemical stimulus. Somatic cells bacteria and other single-cell or multicellular organisms direct their movements according to certain chemicals in their environment.

In physics uniform circular motion describes…

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