[Answer] Which of the following would shift a nation’s PPF outward?

Answer: discovering a cheap way to convert sunshine into electricity
Which of the following would shift a nation’s PPF outward?

PPFs are normally drawn as bulging upwards or outwards from the origin but they can be represented as bulging downward or linear depending on a number of assumptions. An outward shift of the PPC results from growth of the availability of inputs such as physical capital or labour or from technological progress in knowledge of how to transform inputs into outputs. …

Production–possibility frontier – Wikipedia

Guns versus butter model – Wikipedia

Guns versus butter model – Wikipedia

Rybczynski theorem – Wikipedia

Suppose there is an increase in the labour endowment. This will cause an outward shift in the labour constraint. The PPF and thus production will shift to point B. Production of clothing the labour-intensive good will rise from C1 to C2. Production of cars the capital-intensive good will fall from S1 to S2 .

In macroeconomics the guns versus butter model is an example of a simple production–possibility frontier.It demonstrates the relationship between a nation’s investment in defense and civilian goods.The “guns or butter” model is used generally as a simplification of national spending as a part of GDP.This may be seen as an analogy for choices between defense and civilian spending in more …

Looking outward. While European powers and Japan engaged in an intense scramble for colonial possessions in Africa and Asia the United States stood aloof. This began to change in 1893. By the early 1880s the United States had a small army stationed at scattered Western forts and an old fashioned wooden navy.

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