[Answer] Which of the following would be considered a product market stakeholder?a. A private equity firm investing in a biomedical firmb. A local pipefitters union dealing with a plumbing contractorc. A member of an ownership family in a privately owned companyd. A store manager of a retail chainHide Feedback Marketing Research

Answer: b. A local pipefitters union dealing with a plumbing contractor Campusologies
Which category of software is created for the operation maintenance and security of a computer?

Security and Maintenance (formerly known as Action Center and Security Center in earlier versions) is a component of the Windows NT family of operating systems that monitors the security and maintenance status of the computer. Its monitoring criteria includes optimal operation of antivirus software personal firewall as well as the working status of Backup and Restore Network Access Protection (NAP) User Account Control (UAC) Windows Error Reporting (WER) and Windows Update. It notifies the user of an…

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Tue Feb 15 2011 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · Platform and management— Desktop and network infrastructure and management software that allows users to control the computer operating environment hardware components and peripherals and infrastructure services and security.

Software maintenance in software engineering is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults to improve performance or other attributes. A common perception of maintenance is that it merely involves fixing defects. However one study indicated that over 80% of maintenance effort is used for non-corrective actions. This perception is perpetuated by users submitting problem reports …

Maintaining security involves vulnerability management and installation and proper operation of antivirus software like Kaspersky Avast Antivirus McAfee and Many are available.

Security software is a generic term referring to any computer program or library whose purpose is to (help) secure a computer system or computer network. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Security so…

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