[Answer] Which of the following techniques can be used to resist interrogation?

Answer: Keep faith with yourself and fellow comrades
Which of the following techniques can be used to resist interrogation?

Resistance to interrogation RTI or R2I is a type of military training to British and other NATO soldiers to prepare them after capture by the enemy to resist interrogation techniques such as humiliation and torture . The trainees undergo practices such as hooding sleep deprivation time disorientation prolonged nakedness sexual humiliation and deprivation of warmth water and food.

The following techniques were authorized by the U.S. military: Yelling; Loud music and light control; Environmental manipulation; Sleep deprivation/adjustment; Stress positions; 20-hour interrogations; Controlled fear (including use of dogs)

A common technique that is used in interrogation is Good Cop/Bad Cop. With this technique two officers will pretend to take opposing sides while interacting with a subject. While the ‘bad cop’ is seemingly against the subject the ‘good cop’ seems to take the side of the subject sympathizing with and even defending the subject.

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The five techniques (also known as Deep- Interrogation ) are illegal interrogation methods which were originally developed by the British military in other operational theatres and then applied to detainees during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.They have been defined as prolonged wall-standing hooding subjection to noise deprivation of sleep and deprivation of food and drink.

It is possible however for both normal individuals and psychopaths to resist drug interrogation ; it seems likely that any individual who can withstand ordinary intensive interrogation can hold out in narcosis. The best aid to a defense against narco- interrogation is …

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