[Answer] Which of the following is a traditional information resource?

Answer: airborne platforms
Which of the following is a traditional information resource?

A learning resource center is a facility within a school staffed by a specialist containing several information sources.. Purpose Information and communication development opportunities and information flow are the big challenges arising from a dedicated review of most educational questions whether from theoretical frames or material :wikt:facilitate|facilitations.

An Information system (IS) is a formal sociotechnical organizational system designed to collect process store and distribute information . In a sociotechnical perspective information systems are composed by four components: task people structure (or roles) and technology. Information systems can be defined as an integration of components for collection storage and processing of data …

Resource mobilization is the process of getting resources from the resource provider using different mechanisms to implement an organization’s predetermined goals. It is a theory that is used in the study of social movements and argues that the success of social movements depends on resources …

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