[Answer] Which expression is equivalent to (st)(6)?

Answer: C. s(6)×t(6)
Which expression is equivalent to (st)(6)?

In mathematics an expression or mathematical expression is a finite combination of symbols that is well-formed according to rules that depend on the context. Mathematical symbols can designate numbers () variables operations functions brackets punctuation and grouping to help determine order of operations and other aspects of logical syntax. …

An expression vector otherwise known as an expression construct is usually a plasmid or virus designed for gene expression in cells. The vector is used to introduce a specific gene into a target cell and can commandeer the cell’s mechanism for protein synthesis to produce the protein encoded by the gene. Expression vectors are the basic tools in biotechnology for the production of proteins.

NOTE: An application using a library for regular expression support does not necessarily offer the full set of features of the library e.g. GNU grep which uses PCRE does not offer lookahead support though PCRE does. Part 1. Language feature comparison (part 1) “+” quantifier Negated character classes

Greek – Του Αγίου Ποτέ (“on St . Never’s [Day]”) is sometimes used however the profane Του Αγίου Πούτσου ανήμερα (“right on the Day of St . Dick’s”) is more popular. A common expression used to point out someone’s wishful thinking is Αν η γιαγιά μου είχε καρούλια θα ήταν …

A similar notation available in a number of programming languages (notably Python and Haskell) is the list comprehension which combines map and filter operations over one or more lists.. In Python the set-builder’s braces are replaced with square brackets parentheses or curly braces giving list generator and set objects respectively.Python uses an English-based syntax.

In logic and mathematics statements and are said to be logical…

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