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Where may refer to: • Where? one of the Five Ws in journalism • where (command) a shell command • Where (SQL) a database language clause

History. The original edition was founded in 1938. Publishers. Throughout most of the world the magazine’s editions are published by Morris Visitor Publications; it is published in Milan (Italy) by Where Italia Srl in Rome by Tourist Media Srl in Canada by St. Joseph Media and in Asia by Asia City Media Group.. Editions Asia (all published by Asia City Media Group)

A WHERE clause in SQL specifies that a SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) statement should only affect rows that meet specified criteria. The criteria are expressed in the form of predicates. WHERE clauses are not mandatory clauses of SQL DML statements but can be used to limit the number of rows affected by a SQL DML statement or returned by a query. In brief SQL WHERE clause is used to extract only those results from a SQL statement such as: SELECT INSERT UPDATE or DELETE statement.

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What? Where ? When? (Russian: Что?Где? Когда? translit. Chto?Gde? Kogda?) is an intellectual game show well known in Russian-language media and other CIS states since the mid-1970s. Today it is produced for television by TV Igra on the Russian Channel One and also exists as a competitive game played in clubs organized by the World Association of Clubs.

Where I Find You is the second studio album release by Kari Jobe which was released January 24 2012 but was her first album on the Sparrow Records label. The song “We Are” is the only radio and charted hit off of the album so far. The album has charted on three Billboard charts: No. 10 on Billboard 200 No. 1 on Christian Albums and at …

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