[Answer] Where is Sinamaica located?

Answer: A. Northwest of Maracaibo
Where is Sinamaica located?

Coordinates: 11.0865°N 71.8544°W Sinamaica is the seat of Páez Municipality in Zulia State Venezuela. It is a village of about 2 000 people.

Sinamaica : 2 000: Zulia: 195 San Carlos del Zulia: Zulia: 1778: See also. List of cities in Venezuela by population a list that only includes cities with no less than 100 000 residents in order of population size (instead of alphabetical order). Demographics of Venezuela;

It is estimated that the total area of mangroves in Zulia State occupies an area of 116.3 km 2 located in the Cocinetas Peonias Sinamaica and Los Olivitos lagoons and …

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