[Answer] When property is damaged by fire the loss is said to be a(n) ______ loss.

Answer: Direct
When property is damaged by fire the loss is said to be a(n) ______ loss.
A casualty loss is a type of tax loss that is a sudden unexpected or unusual event. Damage or loss resulting from progressive deterioration of property through a steadily operating cause would not be a casualty loss. “Other casual ty” are events similar to “fire storm or shipwreck.” It is generally held that wherever force is applied to property which the owner-taxpayer is either unaware of because of the …
If a property was damaged and repair failed to restore it to its original market value then said property has suffered diminished value. Unlike depreciation which is an anticipated and predictable loss in value over time ‘Inherent Diminished Value’ is a loss in value due to a specific sudden and unexpected negative occurrence.
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Thu Mar 22 2007 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · Loss of use is the inability due to a tort or other injury to use a body part animal equipment premises or other property .Law.com defines it as “the inability to use an automobile premises or some equipment due to damage to the vehicle premises or articles caused by the negligence or other wrongdoing of another.”
Wed Feb 23 2005 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · Note: This list does not include firefighting equipment i.e. tools and apparatus used by firefighters.Please refer to Glossary of firefighting equipment for such terms. Similarly although there is much overlap you may also want to refer to the Glossary of wildfire terms for terminology particular to that type of firefighting. Note: Many of the terms defined here particularly relating to …
The fire closed 2 million acres of land in Rocky Mountain Nation…

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