[Answer] What’s NOT true about the Indiana Real Estate Commission?

Answer: It exists to protect the rights and interests of licensed real estate professionals.
What’s NOT true about the Indiana Real Estate Commission?

Henry Johnson Richardson Jr. (June 21 1902 – December 5 1983) was a civil rights lawyer and activist a member of the Indiana House of Representatives (1932–36) and a judge in Marion County Indiana who is best known for his efforts to secure passage of Indiana s school desegregation law in 1949 and for organizing the Indianapolis Urban League in 1965.

Taxes in Indiana are almost entirely authorized at the state level although the revenue is used to fund both local and state level government. The state of Indiana s income comes from four primary tax areas. Most state level income is from a sales tax of 7% and a flat state income tax of 3.23%. The state also collects an additional income tax for some counties.

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Prince was born and raised in Gary Indiana . He graduated from Lew Wallace High School. Career. In 1982 Prince enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In 1986 he returned to Gary and began working in real estate insurance and retail sales. In 1994 he joined the Calumet Township Assessor’s office as a real estate deputy. In 1998 he …

Robert L. Waiz Jr (born January 30 1963) is a politician of Jeffersonville Indiana .He works in real estate and has been on the city council and served as mayor.Waiz a Democrat was first elected mayor in 2003 defeating two-term incumbent Tom Galligan in the May Democratic primary and then defeating Republican Monty Snelling in the November general election.

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