[Answer] What should you do as soon as possible after tagging game?

Answer: Field-dress it
What should you do as soon as possible after tagging game?

The point I would have thought of alerting the uploader of the image problem is two-fold: firstly so that that uploader can tag the untagged image as they should have initially; and secondly so that the uploader learns about the importance of image tagging and will hopefully remember to do so next time.

After the dealer has scored the crib all cards are collected and the deal passes to the player on the dealer’s left. The next round starts with the deal. Although the rules of cribbage do not require it (except in tournament play) the traditional method of keeping score is to use a cribbage board. This is a flat board usually made of wood …

The Page Curation process is for identifying articles which do not meet the criteria for inclusion and to tag them for attention. The most critical problems are vandalism obvious hoaxes copyright violations and defamatory material about living persons followed closely by pages that exploit Wikipedia for money (think spam/promotion).Other pages need to be deleted for other reasons but may …

Jeopardy! is an American television quiz show created by Merv Griffin in which contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers and must phrase their responses in the form of a question.Throughout its run the show has regularly offered auditions for potential contestants taking place in the Los Angeles area and occasionally in other locations throughout the United States.

If you want to split it three ways (since there’s three categories) MelonBot can do this too. Let me know if you d like to share :D. Happy‑melon 18:09 8 May 2008 (UTC) You shouldn’t really do it by the cat’s as there could be the same user in all 3 meaning he would get 3 messages.

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