[Answer] What is the purpose of creating a family health tree?

Answer: To discover your personal health risks and strengths
What is the purpose of creating a family health tree?

In medicine a family history consists of information about disorders from which the direct blood relatives of the patient have suffered. Genealogy typically includes very little of the medical history of the family but the medical history could be considered a specific subset of the total history of a family. Accurate knowledge of a patient’s family history may identify a predisposition to developing certain illnesses …

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Family history (medicine) – Wikipedia

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Founded by David O. Sacks in 2007 Geni is a genealogy website with the goal of “creating a family tree of the whole world” (whereas MyHeritage focuses on records and collecting non-merged individual family trees . The acquisition added 7 million new users to MyHeritage bringing the total number of members to 72 million.

FamilySearch Family Tree. FamilySearch FamilyTree (FSFT) is a “one world tree ” or a unified database that aims to contain one entry for each person recorded in genealogical records. All FamilySearch users are able to add persons link them to existing persons or merge duplicates.

A tree structure or tree diagram is a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a structure in a graphical form. It is named a ” tree structure” because the classic representation resembles a tree even though the chart is generally upside down compared to a biological tree with the “stem” at the top and the “leaves” at the bottom.. A tree structure is conceptual and appears in several …

The state networks also include tree farm inspectors who certify the forests and conduct outreach efforts on behalf of ATFS and partnered organizations. Each year ATFS hosts a National Tree Farmer Convention and awards an individual or family with the National Outstanding Tree …


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