[Answer] What is the name of the area on the taskbar where the date and time are displayed?

Answer: notification area
What is the name of the area on the taskbar where the date and time are displayed?

The default settings for the taskbar in Microsoft Windows place it at the bottom of the screen and includes from left to right the Start menu button Quick Launch bar taskbar buttons and notification area. The Quick Launch toolbar was added with the Windows Desktop Update and is not enabled by default in Windows XP. Windows 7 removed the Quick Launch feature in favor of pinning applications to the taskbar itself. On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 a hotspotlocated in the bottom-left corner of the …

By default Windows volume control network status Action Center date and time are displayed in this area. “Show desktop” button: Allows users to access their desktops. It is moved from the left of the Taskbar as a Quick Launch shortcut to the rightmost side as its own dedicated hover button in Windows 7. Not initially visible in Windows 8.

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The way numbers are displayed (e.g. decimal separator). How Currency values are displayed including the currency symbol. Time and date notations such as the date separator and whether the clock should be in 12 or 24 hours. Cultural location of the user’s computer (The time zone is set in Date and Time ). Language; Input language.

A status bar is a graphical control element which poses an information area typically found at the window’s bottom. It can be divided into sections to group information. Its job is primarily to display information about the current state of its window although some status bars have extra functionality. For example many web browsers have clickable sections that pop up a display of security or privacy …

Fri Nov 14 2008 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · Clicking a grouped application’s taskbar button or thumbnail when it is active (in the foreground) does not minimize it. Only ungrouped app…

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