[Answer] What is the first step in problem determination?

Answer: Identify the Problem
What is the first step in problem determination?

Identifying crucial information presented in a problem and then being able to correctly identify its usefulness is essential. Being aware of irrelevant information is the first step in overcoming this common barrier. Dreaming: problem-solving without waking consciousness. Problem solving can also occur without waking consciousness.

The first step is fact analysis where the employees and managers that are analyzing the case writes the facts presented on the case without opinions. The second step is problem diagostic in which is described the problems that are presented on the case starting with the most important to solve. The third step is analysis of possible solutions where the possibility of each solution is seen as the way that can if it …

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In this hypothesis r1 − r −1 ≈ 0 so that the first step is (almost) at equilibrium. The overall rate is determined by the second step: r = r2 ≪ r1 as very few molecules that react at the first step continue to the second step which is much slower. S…

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