[Answer] What is the difference between risk indicators and risk factors?

Answer: Risk indicators (or markers), unlike risk factors, can’t be changed
What is the difference between risk indicators and risk factors?
The term comes with a cluster of related terms like risk indicator modifiable risk factor risk marker determinant and demographic risk factor which are often used more-or-less interchangeably. This sort of uncertainty means that the reader has to make up his or her mind what the author has in mind and that is clearly unsatisfactory.
Chapter 4: Determinants ( Risk and protective factors ) Indicators Overview Adolescent behaviours are influenced by a variety of factors which in turn are dependent on differences in relationships settings cultures and economic conditions. These factors are called “determinants” as they determine or influence individual behaviours.
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The Difference Between Risk Factors and Determinants of Health. Say a patient came to the E.R with chest pain. You will first address his Chest pain and potential MI. Then you will assess for risk factors like smoking diabetes HTN lack of exercise etc. Finally you will look at underlying determinants of health such as poverty culture …
Risk factors and indicators are used as a measure of ass…

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