[Answer] What is the difference between alpha and beta glucose?

Answer: How one of the -OH groups is oriented.
What is the difference between alpha and beta glucose?

Alpha-glucosidase hydrolyzes terminal non-reducing (1→4)-linked alpha-glucose residues to release a single alpha-glucose molecule. Alpha-glucosidase is a carbohydrate-hydrolase that releases alpha-glucose as opposed to beta-glucose. Beta-glucose residues can be released by glucoamylase a functionally similar enzyme. The substrate selectivity of alpha-glucosidase is due to subsite affinities of the enzyme’s active site. Two proposed mechanisms include a nucleophilic displacement and an oxoca…

A glucan is a polysaccharide derived from D-glucose linked by glycosidic bonds. Many beta-glucans are medically important. They represent a drug target for antifungal medications of the echinocandin class.

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A mixture of alpha – and beta -…

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