[Answer] What is the decline stage ?

Answer: Competition is fierce and brands are being forced to drop out of the market. New technology of new products means consumers will switch.
What is the decline stage ?

Generally there are five stages to an organization’s life cycle • Stage 1: Existence : Commonly known as the birth or entrepreneurial stage “existence” signifies the start of an organization’s expansion. The main importance is centered around the acknowledgement of having an adequate number of customers to keep the organization or business active.

Product life-cycle management (marketing) – Wikipedia

Demographic transition – Wikipedia

Demographic transition – Wikipedia

Demographic transition – Wikipedia

Substitution stage : This last stage represents the decline in the use and eventual extension of a technology due to replacement by another technology. Many technical and non-technical factors influence the rate of substitution. The time taken in the substitution stage …

Saturation and decline stage: In this stage the profit as well as the sales of the product has started to decline because of the deletion of the product from the market . The market for the product in this stage started to show negative rate of growth and corroding cash flows. The product at this stage may be kept but there should be fewer adverts.

It is a stage in which there is neither increase nor decrease in the volume of sale. Through modification in the attribute of the product is needed to attract new consumers. Competitors product at this stage would have started gaining its market share

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