[Answer] What is the contractile unit of muscle?

Answer: sarcomere
What is the contractile unit of muscle?

In vertebrate animals there are three types of muscle tissues: skeletal smooth and cardiac. Skeletal muscle constitutes the majority of muscle mass in the body and is responsible for locomotor activity. Smooth muscle forms blood vessels gastrointestinal tract and other areas in the body that produce sustained contractions. Cardiac muscle make up the heart which pumps blood. Skeletal and cardiac muscles are called striated musclebecause of their striped appearance under a microscope which is du…

The three types of muscle (skeletal cardiac and smooth) have significant differences. However all three use the movement of actin against myosin to create contraction . In skeletal muscle contraction is stimulated by electrical impulses transmitted by the nerves the motoneurons (motor nerves) in particular. Cardiac and smooth muscle contractions are stimulated by internal pacemaker cells which regularly contract and propagate contractions to other muscle …

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Muscle fibers are the individual contractile units within a muscle. A single muscle such as the biceps brachii contains many muscle fibers . Another group of cells the myosatellite cells are found between the basement membrane and the sarcolemma of muscle fibers .

The three-element Hill muscle model is a representation of the muscle mechanical response. The model is constituted by a contractile element ( CE) and two non-linear spring elements one in series (SE) and another in parallel (PE).

In muscle physiology physiological cross-sectional area is the area of the cross section of a muscle perpendicular to its fibers generally at its largest point. It is typically used to describe the contraction properties of pennate muscles. It is not the …

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