[Answer] what is the combining form for the jejunum?

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what is the combining form for the jejunum?

Jejunum definition. The jejunum is one of three sections that make up the small intestine. The small intestine is part of the digestive system and is vital for breaking down and absorbing …

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The transition between the duodenum and jejunum occurs at the suspensory ligament or Ligament of Treitz that is typically present in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen and just behind the stomach. 2  There is no clear indication where the duodenum ends and the final segment of the small intestine or ileum begins.

Organ Combining Form Small intestine Duodenum Jejunum ileum Large intestine Sigmoid colon Enter/o Duoden/o Jejun/o ile/o Col/o Sigmoid/o Organ Combining Form Rectum Anus and rectum Accessory organs Liver Gallbladder Pancreas Rect/o Proct /o Hepat/o Cholecyst/o Pancreat/o Stomat/o = Mouth

Jejunum: kal/i: potassium (an electrolyte) kary/o: nucleus: kerat/o: cornea hard-horney tissue: ket/o; keton/o: ketones; acetones: kines/o: movem…

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