[Answer] What is most likely the reason variable expenses should be planned after fixed expenses?

Answer: Fixed expenses are required and constant but variable expenses are more flexible.
What is most likely the reason variable expenses should be planned after fixed expenses?

Conditional budgeting is a budgeting approach designed for companies with fluctuating income high fixed costs or income depending on sunk costs as well as NPOs and NGOs.The approach builds on the strengths of proven budgeting approaches leverages the respective advantages for situations of fluctuating incomes and at the same time reduces possible negative impacts.

Fixed costs (such as rent or an audit fee) vary on a percentage basis because the lump sum rent/audit amount as a percentage will vary depending on the amount of assets a fund has acquired. Thus most of a fund’s expenses behave as a variable expense and thus are a constant fixed …

Following a matching principle of matching a portion of sales against variable costs one can decompose sales as contribution plus variable costs where contribution is “what’s left after deducting variable costs “. One can think of contribution as “the marginal contribution of a unit to the profit” or “contribution towards offsetting fixed costs “.

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In finance a revaluation of fixed assets is an action that may be required to accurately describe the true value of the capital goods a business owns. This should be distinguished from planned depreciation where the recorded decline in value of an asset is tied to its age.. Fixed assets are held by an enterprise for the purpose of producing goods or rendering services as opposed to being …

Materiality in governmental auditing is different from materiality in private sector auditing for several reasons . Most importantly due to the format of state and local government financial statements under GAAP the AICPA Audit Guide for State and Local Governments requires auditors to …

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