[Answer] What is an example of a particularly important Protozoa?

Answer: Plasmodium- responsible for malaria
What is an example of a particularly important Protozoa?
Protozoa Examples Include. 1. Amoeba. Amoeba without any specific shape and external organelles for movement. Amoeba is a protozoan that has no specific shape. It is the most common protozoan found in freshwater. They live independently and move in search of food. Most freshwater protozoa are microscopic. They cannot be viewed with naked eyes …
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Competition for nutrients is not usually an important factor in pathogenesis because the amounts utilized by parasitic protozoa are relatively small. Some parasites that inhabit the small intestine can significantly interfere with digestion and absorption and affect the nutritional status of the host; Giardia and Cryptosporidium are examples.
Below is an image of a ciliate protozoa. Examples of Protozoa Malaria. Malaria is a disease that effects hundreds of millions of people worldwide every year. It is estimated that malaria kills three million people a year half of which are young children. Malaria is caused by several protozoa in the genus Plasmodium.
MCQs on Protozoa ; MCQs on Diseases Caused by Protozoa ; Protozoa Classification and Examples . Protozoa is a phylum having unicellular heterotrophs. It comes under K…

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