[Answer] what is a wiki?

Answer: a website that allows visitors to add, remove, and edit content; these
visitors can be anyone
what is a wiki?
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Word Origin 1990s: from WikiWikiWeb the name of the first website of this kind from Hawaiian wiki wiki ‘very quick’.
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A wiki (/ ˈ w ɪ k i / WIK-ee) is a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly using a web browser.A typical wiki contains multiple pages for the subjects or scope of the project and could be either open to the public or limited to use within an organization for maintaining its internal knowledge base.
Definition of wiki. : a website that allows visitors to make changes contributions or corrections. Did you know?
• Wiki as an online presentation tool demonstrated by Meredith Gorran Farkas a distance education librarian. • Open Streetmap is a wiki project to provide free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. • Distinguishing between types of wiki communities – the difference between “above-the- flow” and “in- the- flow” wikis.
The idea of a “Wiki” may seem odd at first but dive in explore its links and it will soon seem familiar. “Wiki” is a composition system; it’s a discussion medium; it’s a repository; it’s a mail system; it’s a tool for collaboration. We don’t know quite what it is but we do know it’s a fun way to communicate asynchronously across the network.
A wiki is a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser. This is made possible by…

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