[Answer] • What does Ophelia give Hamlet?

Answer: the gifts he gave her
• What does Ophelia give Hamlet?

In Ophelia’s first speaking appearance in the play she is seen with her brother Laertes who is leaving for France. Laertes warns her that Hamlet the heir to the throne of Denmark does not have the freedom to marry whomever he wants. Ophelia’s father Polonius who enters while Laertes is leaving also forbids Ophelia from pursuing Hamlet as Polonius fears that Hamlet is not earnest about her. In Ophelia’s next appearance she tells Polonius that Hamlet rushed into her room with his clothing ask…

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Hamlet Hamlet portrayed by the actor Edwin Booth c. 1870 Written by William Shakespeare Characters Hamlet Claudius Gertrude Polonius Original language English Genre Shakespearean tragedy Setting Denmark The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark often shortened to Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare sometime between 1599 and 1601. It is Shakespeare’s longest play with 30 557 …

He officiates at Ophelia s funeral and does not give her full Christian burial rights since the church suspects her death was suicide. Called a “Priest” in the First Folio edition of ” Hamlet ” his speech prefix in the Second Quarto is “Doct” for Doctor of Divinity a Protestant clergyman.

Hamlet reappears at Ophelia s funeral and gets into a fight with her brother Laertes. Laertes blames Hamlet for his sister and father’s deaths and wants to take revenge. He challenges Hamlet to a sword fight. Hamlet agrees. The sword fight is arranged to take place at …

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