[Answer] • What does Claudius say he will do about Hamlet?

Answer: send him to england
• What does Claudius say he will do about Hamlet?

Claudius is seen at the beginning of the play to be a capable monarch as he deals diplomatically with such issues as the military threat from Norway and Hamlet’s depression. It is not until the appearance of King Hamlet’s Ghost in the courtyard that the reader questions his motives. During the play’s progression he takes a turn for the worse by first resorting to spying and when that fails murder. It is in Act III Scene 3 when Claudius forestalls Hamlet’s revenge by confessing his sins to God in his o…

Hamlet struggles to turn his desire for revenge into action and spends a large portion of the play waiting rather than doing. Scholars have proposed numerous theories as to why he waits so long to kill Claudius . Some say that Hamlet feels for his victim fearing to strike because he believes that if he kills Claudius he …

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The phrase occurs in Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4 as a part of one o…

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