[Answer] What does a music promoter do?

Answer: – book gigs- marketing- cover venue costs- gain publicity for event- involved with printing companies record label venue sound and lighting.
What does a music promoter do?

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Promoter (entertainment) – Wikipedia

Promoter (entertainment) – Wikipedia

Promoter (entertainment) – Wikipedia

Tour promoter – Wikipedia

A promoter works in entertainment industries including music and sports as an individual or organization in the business of marketing and promoting live or pay-per-view and similar events such as concerts/gigs sports events festivals raves and nightclub performances.

Tour promoters (also known as concert promoters or talent buyers) are the individuals or companies responsible for organizing a live concert tour or special event performance. The tour promoter makes an offer of employment to a particular artist usually through the artist’s agent or music manager. The promoter and agent then negotiate the live performance contract. The majority of live performance contracts are drawn up using the American Federation of Musicians

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