[Answer] What do determinants of virulence do?

Answer: allow bacteria to invade and damage the host and resist the defenses of the
What do determinants of virulence do?
One of the best-known virulence determinants of HPAI viruses is the multi basic cleavage site …
A determinant of pathogenicity is a virulence factor. The damage-response framework defines a virulence factor as a microbial component that damages the host ( Casadevall & Pirofski 1999 ). This simple definition provides great freedom for it encompasses microbial products that are directly toxic to the host as well as antigens that elicit harmful immune responses.
Virulence – the ability of a virus to cause disease in the infected host animal. Clinical …
Therefore relationships between spectinomycin gentamicin and ceftiofur resistance determinants were investigated here. The distribution of 13 avian pathogenic E. coli virulence -associated genes and their association with spectinomycin resistance were also assessed.
These results indicated that mutations in E(rns) and E2 alone do not determine virulence in pigs. The results of in vitro experiments suggested that a high affinity for heparan sulfate of C1.1.1 E(rns) may reduce the spr…

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