[Answer] What do agents do?

Answer: Find you work
What do agents do?

Different states have different requirements for registered agents . Typically the agent must be a natural person resident of the state in question or in states that allow entities to serve as registered agents an entity having a business office within the state and authorized to do business in the state.

Fri Jun 17 2005 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · A talent agent or booking agent is a person who finds jobs for actors authors broadcast journalists film directors musicians models professional athletes screenwriters writers and other professionals in various entertainment or broadcast businesses.In addition an agent defends supports and promotes the interest of their clients. Talent agencies specialize …

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Literary agent – Wikipedia

A literary agent (sometimes publishing agent or writer’s representative) is an agent who represents writers and their written works to publishers theatrical producers film producers and film studios and assists in sale and deal negotiation. Literary agents most often represent novelists screenwriters and non-fiction writers.

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia In computer science a software agent is a computer program that acts for a user or other program in a relationship of agency which derives from the Latin agere (to do): an agreement to act on one’s behalf. Such “action on behalf of” implies the authority to decide which if any action is appropriate.

A special agent is an investigator or detective for a governmental or indep…

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