[Answer] What color represents acid-fast bacteria?

Answer: pink
What color represents acid-fast bacteria?
acid-fast bacillus (AFB): refers to the bright red appearance of mycobacteria when stained by a special technique and observed under a microscope. A more efficient method involving fluorescence microscopy is presently used.
Acid fast stains are used to differentiate acid fast organisms such mycobacteria. Acid fast bacteria have a high content of mycolic acids in their cell walls. Acid fast bacteria will be red while nonacid fast bacteria will stain blue/green with the counterstain with the Kinyoun stain. The steps include: Step 1. Apply carbol fuchsin to a fixed slide for 1 minute followed by rinsing.
Mycobacteria are called acid-fast bacilli because they are a group of rod-shaped bacteria (bacilli) that can be seen under the microscope following a staining procedure where the bacteria retain the color of the stain after an acid wash ( acid-fast ).
-In the Kinyoun acid-fast staining method highly concentrated carbolfuchsin is used to penetrate the cell wall and colorize acid-fast bacterial cells. – Acid fast = appear red – Non acid fast = appear blue – You just performed an acid-fast …

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