[Answer] What causes the seasons?

Answer: As the earth spins around the sun the seasons change.
What causes the seasons?

A season is a division of the year based on changes in weather ecology and the number of daylight hours in a given region. On Earth seasons are the result of Earth’s orbit around the Sun and Earth’s axial tilt relative to the ecliptic plane. In temperate and polar regions the seasons are marked by changes in the intensity of sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface variations of which may cause animals to undergo hibernation or to migrate and plants to be dormant. Various cultures define the number and nature of se…

This is because the rain changes more than the temperature. Summer is a warm season because the days are longer and the Sun is high in the sky giving direct light to the ground. Winter is a cold season because the days are shorter and the Sun is low in the sky giving indirect light to the ground.

Seasonality may be caused by various factors such as weather vacation and holidays and consists of periodic repetitive and generally regular and predictable patterns in the levels of a time series. Seasonal fluctuations in a time series can be contrasted with cyclical patterns.

Flu season is an annually recurring time period characterized by the prevalence of an outbreak of influenza (flu). The season occurs during the cold half of the year in each h…

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