[Answer] what caused the 30 years war ?

Answer: demand for resources access to Geo strategic locations internal conflict religious conflict some wars: Persian Greek crusades carthaginian hundred years war Punic wars
what caused the 30 years war ?

Historians often refer to the ‘General Crisis’ of the mid-17th century a period of sustained conflict in states such as China the British Isles Tsarist Russia and the Holy Roman Empire. In all these areas war famine and disease inflicted severe losses on local populations. While the Thirty Years War ranks as one of the worst of these events precise numbers are disputed; 19th century nationalists often increased them to illustrate the dangers of a divided Germany.

There were several reasons that the Thirty Years’ War started. Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia . He encouraged the Council of Trent to allow Communion in Both kinds for German and Bohemian Catholics.

During this period there was a significant decline in populations particularly in Europe and China. The cause for this demographic decline is complicated and significantly unproven; but war climate change and migration are the main factors that contributed to this population crisis. War ravaged Europe for almost the entirety of the century with no major state avoiding war in the 1640s. Some states saw very few years of peace; for example Poland only saw 27 years of peace the Dutch Republic14 France 11 …

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