[Answer] What are three differences between a structured interview and an unstructured interview?

Answer: During a structured interview the interview is usually conducted be professional interviewers. During an unstructured interview the interview is typically conducted by the business owners or managers. Structured interviews focus on factual information with a planned set of questions while unstructured interviews are more informal and conversational. Structured interviews provide limited information about the interviewee’s personality or attitude while unstructured interviews are much more successful in learning about personality and attitude.
What are three differences between a structured interview and an unstructured interview?

An unstructured interview or non-directive interview is an interview in which questions are not prearranged. These non-directive interviews are considered to be the opposite of a structured interviewwhich offers a set amount of standardized questions. The form of the unstructured interview varies widely with some questions being prepared in advance in relation to a topic that the researcher or interviewer wishes to cover. They tend to be more informal and free flowing than a structured interview much like an everyda…

An unstructured interview is the opposite of structured interview because it tends to be more informal and free flowing and it is more like an everyday conversation. A structured interviewis a type of interview that is completely planned which means every interviewee gets the same interview questions. A semi-structured interview is the one in between. The questions are loosely structured and give interviewees more opportunities to fully express themselves. However semi-structured interviews are less objective …

The choice of answers to the questions is often fixed (close-ended) in advance though open-ended questions can also be included within a structured interview . A structured interview also standardises the order in which questions are asked of survey respondents so the questions are always answered within the same context.

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One way to think about the interview process is as three separate albeit related phases: (1) the pre- interview phase which occurs before the interviewer and candidate meet (2) the interview phase where the interview is conducted and (3) the post- interview phase where the interviewer forms judgments of candidate qualifications and makes final decisions.

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