[Answer] What are the three muscle types in the body? Vision & Hearing Review

Answer: skeletal cardiac smooth Reptiles 2014
What are the three muscle types in the body? Vision & Hearing Review

Muscle Types. In the body there are three types of muscle: skeletal (striated) smooth and cardiac. Skeletal Muscle. Skeletal muscle attached to bones is responsible for skeletal movements. The peripheral portion of the central nervous system controls the skeletal muscles. Thus these muscles are under conscious or voluntary control.

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3 Types of Muscles Cardiac muscle : The cardiac muscle is a type of involuntary striated muscle found in the walls of the heart. As it contracts it propels blood into the heart and through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Skeletal muscle : The skeletal muscle is a type of striated muscle usually attached to the skeleton. Skeletal …

chapter 4: muscle physiology • three muscles types • skeletal → attached to bones; function is to maintain body posture and drive body movement • cardiac → in wall of heart function is to pump blood through circulation • smooth → in walls of hollow organs function is to maintain diameter of hollow organs against transmural pressure • skeletal and cardiac → striated …

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