[Answer] What are the 4 categories of microbes?

Answer: 1. Viruses 2. Bacteria (including rickettsia) 3. Protozoa 4. Fungi
What are the 4 categories of microbes?
What are the names of the 4 types of microbes that exist? T he major groups of microorganisms—namely bacteria archaea fungi (yeasts and molds) algae protozoa and viruses—are summarized below. Links to the more detailed articles on each of the major groups are provided.
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Types of Microbes . Viruses. Viruses are unable to reproduce until they invade and commandeer living cells. Influenza measles and the common cold are just some of the … Bacteria. Other Microbes .
(i) Eubacteria. (ii) Archae bacteria who live in extreme environments and ADVERTISEMENTS: (iii) Cyanobacteria which are the only living things that can do photosynthesis and fix nitrogen. (i) A thousand bacteria can “sit” side by side in just 1 tiny millimeter. (ii) Bacteria are the most abundant …
Types of Microorganisms Prokaryotic Microorganisms. Bacteria are found in nearly every habitat on earth including within and on humans. Most… Eukaryotic Microorganisms. The domain Eukarya contains all eukaryotes including uni- or multicellular eukaryotes such… Microbiology as a Field of Study. …
The prokaryotes are bacteria and archaea. The eukaryotes are fungi …

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