[Answer] What are some examples of risk indicators?

Answer: age, sex, genetics, etc.
What are some examples of risk indicators?
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KRIs or key risk indicators are defined as measurements or metrics used by an organization to manage current and potential exposure to various operational financial reputational compliance and strategic risks. Risks to an organization vary based on individual work group or department. For example a retail bank branch might be concerned with fraudulent bank accounts being opened but the IT department of the financial institution will be more focused on data security and leaks.
Here are some examples of KRIs that are commonly used by those in finance: Credit risk: quick ratio current ratio value at risk (VaR) Operational risk: number of accounting deadlines missed percentage of departments without KPIs in place
Credit Risk Indicator Example # 1 – Value at Risk (VaR) Type of Risk – Investment Risks Definition – The amount of potential losses (dollar value) that the company could incur if certain positions held by the organization were …

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