[Answer] what are some everyday uses of reflected sound?

Answer: Ultrasound medical imaging, ultra sonic range finders on cameras,,sonar,
what are some everyday uses of reflected sound?
Applications of reflection of sound Echo:. The sound heard after reflections from a rigid surface such as a cliff or a wall are called echo creating a… Hearing aid:. A hearing aid is a device used by people with difficulty in hearing. Here the sound waves are received by… Megaphone:. Megaphones …
Sound as a signaling system is used as horns sirens calling bells beeps etc. The sound signal system is one of the least expensive ones. Further it is less harmful to the environment around. But excess and frequent use can cause sound pollution. Further alarm system uses sound.
The sound waves are reflected back to the transducer by boundaries between tissues in the path of the beam (e.g. the boundary between fluid and soft tissue or tissue and bone). When these echoes hit the transducer they generate electrical signals that are sent to the ultrasound scanner.
Products like concrete or brick are reflective – they simply bounce sound waves off their surface in different directions. Our sound walls actually absorb or “kill” the sound waves that hit it…signif…

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