[Answer] What are placards?

Answer: Hazardous signs and symbols.
What are placards?

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Placard – Wikipedia

A placard is posted on buildings to communicate a wide variety of information such as fire safety policies emergency shelters. The International Building Coderequires doors in some public and commercial structures fitted with an internal key lock have a notice “This door to remain unlocked when this space is occupied” in a minimum of 1 inch (25 mm) text be posted beside or above the door. Some state and local building codes modify …

Class 2.3: Inhalation Hazard (Alternative Placard ) Class 3: Flammable Liquids; Flammable liquids included in Class 3 are included in one of the following packing groups: Packing Group I if they have an initial boiling point of 35°C or less at an absolute pressure of 101.3 kPa and any flash point such as diethyl ether or carbon disulfide;

A human billboard is someone who applies an advertisement on his or her person. Most commonly this means holding or wearing a sign of some sort but also may include wearing advertising as clothing or in extreme cases having advertising tattooed on the body. Sign holders are known as human directionals in the advertising industry or colloquially as sign walkers sign wavers sign twirlers …

Hazmat Class 1 are explosive materials which are any substance or article including a device which is designed to function by explosion or which by chemical…

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