[Answer] What are placards?

Answer: Hazardous signs and symbols.
What are placards?

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Placard – Wikipedia

A placard is posted on buildings to communicate a wide variety of information such as fire safety policies emergency shelters. The International Building Coderequires doors in some public and commercial structures fitted with an internal key lock have a notice “This door to remain unlocked when this space is occupied” in a minimum of 1 inch (25 mm) text be posted beside or above the door. Some state and local building codes modify …

Class 2.3: Inhalation Hazard (Alternative Placard ) Class 3: Flammable Liquids; Flammable liquids included in Class 3 are included in one of the following packing groups: Packing Group I if they have an initial boiling point of 35°C or less at an absolute pressure of 101.3 kPa and any flash point such as diethyl ether or carbon disulfide;

A disabled parking permit also known as a disabled badge disabled placard handicapped permit handicapped placard handicapped tag and “Blue Badge” in the European Union is displayed upon parking a vehicle permitting the operator of a vehicle to special privileges regarding the parking of that vehicle. These privileges include parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities or in …

A human billboard is someone who applies an advertisement on his or her person. Most commonly this means holding or wearing a sign of some…

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