[Answer] What are examples of environmental factors?

Answer: exposure, lifestyle, living conditions
What are examples of environmental factors?
Examples of environmental factors include soil water climate natural vegetation and landforms. Environmental factors entail everything that changes the environment. Some factors are visible while others cannot be seen.
We can control some environmental factors—like diet sun exposure and exercise—through our behaviors. But as with our genes there are plenty of environmental factors that we can’t change. The place where we live brings many environmental factors along with it.
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Examples Of Environmental Factors. environmental factors. In epidemiology an environmental factor (or so called environmental trigger) are those determinants of disease that are not transmitted genetically. In more basic terms an environmental factor is a caused aided or triggered by the environment. (Environmental factor) An extrinsic factor (geology climate insects sanitation health services etc.) that affects the agent and the opportunity for exposure.
Poor industrial hygiene is another example of how environmental factors can impact wellness. As Verywell Health notes “Many of the materials needed to advance industries and technology like heavy metals or even some plastics can also hurt the human body and even lead to serious medical conditions.” In other words industries that are irresponsible with manufacturing and waste disposal may be…

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