[Answer] What are agents?

Answer: single necessary causes; vectors
What are agents?
Types of Agents Universal Agents. Universal agents have a broad mandate to act on behalf of their clients. Often these agents have been… General Agents. General agents are contracted to represent their clients in specific types of transactions or… Special Agents. Special agents are authorized to …
Legal Definition of agent. 1 : someone or something that acts or exerts power : a moving force in achieving some result. 2 : a person guided or instigated by another in some action where the heads of departments are the political…agents of the executive merely to execute the will of the president — Marbury v.
2 A factor such as a microorganism chemical substance or a form of radiation the presence or absence of which (as in deficiency diseases) results in disease or more advanced disease. [L. ago pres. p. agens ( agent- ) to perform] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012.
a phenomenon substance or organism that exerts some force or effecta chemical agent. the means by which something occurs or is achieved; instrumentwind is an agent of plant pollination. a person representing a business concern esp a travelling salesman. British short for estate agent. short for secret agent.
In contemporary English grammar the agent is the noun phrase or pronoun that identifies the person or thing which initiates or performs an action in a sentence. Adjective: agentive. Also called actor . In a sentence in the active voice the agent is usually (but not always) the subject (” Omar selected the winners”).
An agent function is a map from the percept sequence(history of all that an agent has perceived to date) to an action. Agent = Architecture + Agent Program Examples of Agent: A software agent has Keystrokes file contents received…

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